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Haunted Halloween October 30 6pm

$15Purchase required to enroll
A Culture Shock Haunted Halloween...
Something strange and unprecedented is happening at Culture Shock this Halloween and those in the vicinity are experiencing a sense of discomfort and uncertainty. As the clock ticks ever closer to Halloween night, strange and inexplicable things begin to happen. Graves and Tombstones begin popping up in the Lobby. Thankfully, Studio 1 is still intact but covered in a thick mist that appears from nowhere. Doors between studios become strange portals and dancers and singers transform into ghosts, goblins and all manner of ghouls. Culture Shock's Artistic Directors are convinced they are the Butler and Maid of this mad scene and have started offering Tours...can it get any more strange and crazy? But, there is a Plan - these tours have the potential to bring enough Humans in to purge the space of these creatures! They can heal the rift by performing the magnificent discovery made by Sir Rocky Horror himself, THE TIME WARP! Everyone in attendance Must participate in order to send these creatures back to whence they came!, Healing the rip and restoring our beloved space back into The Training Academy!