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Beg./Int. Contemporary Fusion

Contemporary includes a full warm up, across the floor and/or center technique, choreography, and elements of structured improvisation. This dance form developed Modern dance in the 1900s as a revolt against the restrictions of Ballet. As a dance form, it continues to be advanced through movement innovation and exploration, drawing from various dance forms such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, and theatrical performance. This class challenges dancers to explore the quality of movement, musicality, and performance. Suitable for dancers with a solid background in any form of dance who are looking to improve their execution and adaptability. No special attire or shoes required.

Jacob's movement-based choreography class with Contemporary and Modern Movement & Technique. The class is "Cinematic" in the sense of how raw and expressive the movement is that the process calls for. Students learn most from individuals choices and textures within the music and choreography given.

Beginning/Intermediate: For dancers who have mastered Beginning and are ready to apply foundational knowledge into more detailed dance combinations at a faster rate and with more stylized choreography.

*This class may contain Adult/Mature Content, such as choreography and/or music selection*