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Open Level Shuffling

$15 per classFrom $11 per visit with 15 Class Package passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service. Show full pricing

Class Description:

Come prepared to sweat! Shuffling is a high energy style of improvisational dancing that creates the illusion of gliding across the dance floor by using the classic moves of the Running Man and T-step.

Usually performed to electronic music, Shuffling is a technical footwork-based dance that has the freedom to incorporate multiple styles of upper body movement. Through practice & repetition you will have the opportunity to develop your own unique style!

If you want to conquer the dance floor at music festivals, join a passionate community of dancers, and up your cardio game, this is the class for you!

Best when you wear flat-soled sneakers & for my ladies, supportive active wear is strongly encouraged!


Jolie Anastasia, founder of Shuffle Wisdom, has been creating massive productions for the shuffle community across the US & dominating the dance floor at music festivals all around the world.

Immediately captivated from the moment she saw shuffling, she has been honing her craft ever since.

She has embraced the two main styles of shuffle dance, The Melbourne Shuffle and Cutting Shapes, combining them together to create her own unique style.

Jolie’s passion for shuffling has led her to empower people to express themselves freely through movement, spread positivity and encouragement throughout the shuffling community, and help people trigger a higher conscious “flow state”.