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Pop Up Class | Yummy ( Vogue Femme)

$20 per class A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Young Creative, DeAndre “Yummy” Brown of Miami, FL has translated his joy of dance into a storied career that has stretched 15+ years. Now based in the Tampa Bay area, Brown’s mastery of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Vogue, Hip-Hop and other forms of dance were cultivated as a student at institutions such as “The University of the Arts.” Cultural-based training in churches and organizations like Hype Elite, YCDT with Traci Young-Byron, Iconic House of Ninja and Iconic House of Prodigy only served to enrich his style, versatility and range.

In the next ascention of DeAndre’s dance life, he stepped into his most recent form of artistry within the Black Queer Ballroom scene. Ballroom historically has been the merger of dance, theatrics, design and protest to provide platform and expression for the Black and Brown Queer Community. With the emergence and popularity of shows like FX’s Pose and Legendary on HBO Max, Ballroom has reached a peak of wider acceptance and celebration as an artform.

Brown’s passion for showcasing his art and educating at a worldwide level just fuels his quest for bigger and more transformative stages. Training in various art forms and experiencing countless cultures through dance has served to develop not only the depth of his personality and way of life but his iconic movement and choreography.”

Vogue Femme (All Levels Welcome)
This class will be based on the 5 elements of Vogue. Each element will be broken down and practiced individually in different sequences , across the floor and/or group activities. Utilizing all 5 elements to get “10s” across the board. Combining all elements of Vogue,other dance backgrounds and personality to find your own personal style of Vogue

This class is about uplifting the character/performance quality, understanding poses/poise, & self confidence through the love of the trinity of movement taught by Yummy. The technique taught is to truly boost sexiness, confidence through dance and understanding of your body.

This is an open-level dance class, which heels are encouraged.

Open Level: All Levels are welcome to participate in class: Beginning, Beg/Int, Intermediate, Int/Adv, and Advanced

Choreography & Technique Classes focus on detailed choreography and technique. These classes typically involve more precise and challenging movements than the cardio classes.

*This class may contain Adult/Mature Content, such as choreography and/or music selection*