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Beg. Waacking/Whacking

Whacking/Waacking incorporates lots of arm movements, characterization, posing, and acting. This dance originated in the gay club scene of Los Angeles in the 1970s disco era. The origins come from the dance form of Punking which was done by gay kids who turned their oppression into expression. In this class, you’ll explore the basics of Whacking and apply them in various combinations to different songs.

Beginning: A great place to start if you’re interested in a new dance style or have never taken dance classes before. You will be taken through the basic elements of dance, step by step, so you will have a better understanding of the movement and eventually be ready for the next level of classes. This may include rhythm, counting, body isolations, placement, repetition of movements, applying foundational knowledge into dance combinations & common vocabulary.

*This class may contain Adult/Mature Content, such as choreography and/or music selection*