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Pop Up Class | Beto Snyder

$20 per class A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.
Bio: Beto Snyder, started his dance career in Temecula , CA. - He started HONING IN ON HIS CRAFT WHEN HE STARTED performing in industry shows like JETE & CARNIVAL LA WITH THE A1 Collective which under direction of Goose polanco. Beto also appeared on S1 of dance competition ‘FLOORED’ air on “QUIBI” in “2020” - Beto aims to take all the experience and knowledge he can from furthering his dance career and then in future he can pour it back into his students. Beto always tries to make sure everyone feels welcomed safely when taking his class, “GROWTH IS FOR EVERYONE”. Beto is currently the junior director at elektro dance Academy, which is home of abdc 7 champions elektrolytes in Gilbert, AZ . Beto makes sure to PUSH his students to be better than they were yesterday & try new things. He really focuses on wanting to give back and put the same passion and fire into his students like his mentors in the past / current put into him.

Intermediate: For dancers who have mastered fundamentals up to Beginning/Intermediate and are ready for more challenging choreography that focuses more on detail and texture of movements taught at a quicker rate.

Advanced: For experienced dancers who want to learn at a professional level. These classes are taught at a proficient rate with exceptional attention to detail and texture of movement. A great place for dancers who are up for a challenge!

Choreography & Technique Classes focus on detailed choreography and technique. These classes typically involve more precise and challenging movements than the cardio classes.