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The Focus Program | Tracy Seiler

The purpose of the Focus Program is to learn and perfect choreography, practice performance techniques and expand your dance skill set to be applied in any class.

4 Weeks

Must commit to all 4 weeks in advance - via sign up sheet

No extra cost, same as taking class

Week 1 - learn choreography

Week 2 - clean choreography

Week 3 - work on performance techniques and/or possibly blocking/staging

Week 4 - small group performances, teacher and peer feedback, Q&A

Here’s a little bit about your instructor:

“Tracy Seiler was born and raised in San Diego, California. She has 22 years of dance experience under her belt. She found a real passion for dance in her teenage years and joined her high school dance team and eventually a few other junior and professional dance teams. This journey then lead her to a team called Choreo Cookies. Tracy also directed a junior team called Breakthrough and danced on Choreo Cookies for 8 years. She has taught workshops around the world and has taught hundreds of classes in her home town of San Diego.Teaching has and always will be Tracy’s passion and she is grateful for every interaction between her and her students. In her eyes, seeing their growth is unmatched and she can’t wait to connect with more people along the rest of her dance journey. “